Who is this guy?

Chris K. Daniels is a filmmaker from Boston, Massachusetts. He’s best known for his compelling, stylized storytelling through his short films.

Chris tends to focus his work on offbeat, conceptual twists of reality. He seeks to bring forth interesting forms of ‘what if’ questions, and answer those through his stories, in the most exciting ways possible.

Chris has been creating short films for the majority of his life. From the day he made his very first YouTube channel in fourth grade, to the day he landed his first distribution deal in college, he’s held onto his passion. Always trying to evolve and become a better version of himself.

In 2017, Chris founded the company iSee Entertainment Core, later renamed Cinemonic. Through that, he’s created a central network for himself as a director, as well as a circle of other filmmakers from around the country, now involved with the company.

All-in-all, Chris just loves to create. He’s a young man passionate about making movies that mean something. He hopes to tell stories for the rest of his life