For The Good of The People - 2020

Here, we are happy. Here, we are safe. For The Good of The People.

A perfect society comes at a cost.

Directed by Chris K. Daniels
Written by Chris K. Daniels & Jenny Whipple

“For the Good of the People” is a socio-thriller short film, set in a small utopian town. Safe, crime-free, happy. Though on this day Danny, a young man born and raised in this community, finds that the town he thought he knew so well, isn’t exactly what it seems.

Executive Produced by: Chris K. Daniels, Anna Daniels & Katie Whipple
Produced by: Jenny Whipple, Jaryd Massaro, Samuel Caswell, B. Raad, & Kate Shaughnessey
Cinematography by: Matt Sylvester
Sound recording by: Scott Rancourt

Starring: Henry Lynch, Robert A. Higgins, David Bushery, Katie Novak, Myles Delahunty, Christian Tabb, Julio Velasquez

More specifically, this short film has a non-linearly-structured plotline following the hours leading up to the public trial of a sheriff within his oppressive, totalitarian community. It’s the story of sheriff James, and his son Danny, uncovering the dark truth behind the curtain within the crime-free, ‘perfect society’ they live in. This town lives by a set of extreme and brutal laws. The most significant one being that anyone who commits a crime within the town, is sentenced to death in the way that said law was broken. For example, if one were to steal, their hands would be cut off publicly as the town watches them bleed out. Or if one were to be caught recklessly driving, they would be ran over by a speeding car. These disturbing laws are enforced by a group of militarized municipal servants called ‘Watchers.’ As we come to find out in our short, these Watchers have a lot of secrets beneath the surface, and that’s what sets Sheriff James and Danny on their downward path.

This is, For The Good of The People.

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For The Good of The People was produced by Cinemonic Entertainment Core