Coming from the world of filmmaking, where technical nuance and visual minutia are crucial: filming quick, simple bedroom videos feels almost like cheating. I mean, if I don’t struggle to problem-solve every possible lighting detail, with production design implementation and strategic cinematography: does it even count? Well, yes. Yes it does.
I’ve grown to love maximizing my efficiency and shooting content intended for YouTube at the quickest speed, while still looking high quality and pleasing. It’s definitely flexing a different sort of muscle than when I’m creating actual films, but the satisfaction of finishing content at such a speed is tremendously rewarding, in a very unique way. Through these means, I’ve begun creating regular content between a few different networks and channels on YouTube. For the specifics on that content, check the bottom of the page. Though let’s get into the subject at hand. I’m going to be sharing my optimized, cost-effective filming equipment set-up for my recent bedroom productions. Let’s do it!

The Perfect Equipment List For Your Bedroom Video Studio


First, Let’s Talks Cameras:

I use 2 main cameras, with 2 backups if I need them.
My main camera:
My second camera:
Backup Camera 1:
Backup Camera 2:

Next Up, My Lenses:

My main prime lens:
My main zoom lens:
My Others:

Probably Most Importantly, My Audio Equipment:

Main Desktop Microphone:
Main Field Microphone:
My On-Camera Shotgun Microphone:

Some Additional Backup Microphones:


The Best, Cheapest Tripods I’ve Found To Be Good Quality:



Main Pair:
Main Leisure Pair:

Misc. Equipment:

This is The Perfect Equipment List For Your Bedroom Video Studio 

This list has been updated for October 2020, and will continue to be updated as my equipment changes.
The Perfect Equipment List For Your Bedroom Video Studio
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